The International Kite Festival 2024

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The 37th edition of the Rencontres Internationales de Cerfs Drachen promises to be masterful!

The International Kite Festival 2024 will take place from April 20 to 28!

Young and old alike will benefit from a wealth of animations and experience wonderful emotions!


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One minute of history...

In 1887, one of the first aerial photographs of our beach was taken with a kite. From 1904, the beach was covered with curious devices called "aeroplages", the forerunner of the beach glider. Not to be forgotten are the first attempts at flying in the dunes that stretch as far as Merlimont. In 1987, 100 years later, kite enthusiasts gathered on the beach at Berck-sur-Mer to fly their "funny birds made of fabric".

The "Rencontres" attract more and more fans and spectators every year, depending on the wind and weather, until they have become one of the most prestigious events and one of the largest meetings of this discipline in the world.

Berck-sur-Mer, resort of the kites

Like a magnet, Berck beach attracts people who love the thrill and the freedom. The freedom to fly your kite, whether it's small, large or huge. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or a real pilot, the important thing is to get away from it all, indulge yourself and share a return to simple pleasures with family or friends.

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Every day when spring arrives, you are bound to see at least one kite in the sky above Berck-sur-Mer when you go for a walk.

When you come to the seaside resort, as part of the summer program, you will discover some friends, teams and kite clubs, including the Berckite Club, who meet on a weekend to train, entertain you and make the sky colorful.


They will set up several large kites on the beach and demonstrate their art by performing millimeter-precise ballet and choreography with their competition kites. You will undoubtedly be impressed.

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