Berck with my four-legged friend

Holidays are fine, but with my pet, they are even better!


In order to offer a personalised welcome to customers staying in the resort with their four-legged best friend, and being attentive to the animal cause, the office has joined the Toutourisme network in 2019.

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This network has a growing number of member Tourism Offices throughout France.

Are you looking for accommodation and activities suitable for your stay? Come and visit us at the Tourist Office where, as well as giving you advice, we will give you a welcome booklet.



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Some ideas for a walk…ready, set, go!

South Beach

Access via the Promenade du professeur Jean Debeyre

North beach

Access via the Esplanade Parmentier on the side of the sand yacht base

During the summer season, access to the beach is authorised outside the supervised area marked with blue flags (if you do not respect them you may be fined).

Dune path of the Baie d’Authie in Berck-sur-Mer 

Access via the Promenade du professeur Jean Debeyre

Sentier de la Plaine de la Mare in Berck-sur-Mer

Access via the Rue de la Station des Dunes

Le Bois Magnier access via Boulevard de Boulogne and Avenue du Dr Quettier



A few recommendations for a successful stay:

Your dog:

-        Must be tattooed or chipped

-        Must wear a collar with his name and ideally your contact details

-        Must have an up-to-date vaccination record and a passport if you are coming from abroad

-        Wear a muzzle if it is in the first or second category

When you go for a walk:

-        You must keep your pet on a lead and have bags for dog mess 

-        Give your dog a drink regularly

-        Avoid hot weather

-        Do not leave your pet in the car


guide toutou

Download the Berck-sur-Mer Tourist Guide

Consult the map of the faeces bag dispensers in the resort :

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