Adopt the Bay Attitude

For those who love the great outdoors



Fill your lungs with iodized air, and have infinity as your only horizon… What if it was the secret of happiness? Dare to be amazed! Contemplate to your heart’s content!

Imagine a marvellous beach of fine sand, where earth and sky meet in a pastel colour fade.

Walk south from the city centre, and along the beach on the promenade du Professeur Debeyre, that will lead you to the Baie d’Authie. Whether you come in Summer, in Autumn, in the morning or at sunset, the light and the colours change. You are guaranteed to live a unique experience at every stroll.

Have a walk at low tide and admire the harbour seal and grey seal colonies of the bay, naturally protected by the Authie. They lay a mere 80 meters of you, having a rest and basking in the sun.

Continue your stroll by going through the dune trail, and discover a breath-taking view of the dunes and the bay. You will feel like the only person in the world.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath. In Berck-sur-Mer, we help you to catch your breath (and a break)!

Adopt the Bay Attitude